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Who are Your Patron Saints? (10/30/2016)


A brief tribute to the luminaries that embody the causes and legacies that I identify with most.  Includes a quick contemplative exercise to help you discover your own patron saints.

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A Model for Personal Development (9/5/2016)

An adaptable personal development strategy that you can use to balance work/life, strengths/weaknesses, and create on-/off-seasons.  Download a free copy and see if it works for you.


Four Developmental Milestones (6/4/2016)

What does it mean to psychologically, socially, and spiritually develop? While the question of why we develop remains speculative, the question of how is surprisingly approachable. Within the various fields of human development and contemplative spiritual traditions, we can identify four shared developmental phases. As a general model, we must meet these four criteria to progress to a new developmental stage: mastery, crisis, insight, and catalysis. Examples are given in the context of identity development (who is “me”?) as well as worldview development (specifically, how we read scripture). Applications are explored in the contexts of marketing strategy, coaching/mentoring, and spiritual direction.